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Timeline from the Making of the Constitution
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Timeline for the American Revolution (1765-1786)
Timeline for the Making of the Constitution (1787-1860)
Timeline for the Civil War and Modern Times (1861-1904)
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1787.Ordinance of 1787 adopted.
May 14. Constitutional Convention meets at Philadelphia.
Sept 17. Constitution finished and signed by the delegates.
1788.Rufus Putnam plants first settlement in Ohio.
June 21. New Hampshire becomes the ninth state to ratify the Constitution, securing its adoption.
1789.March 4. New government goes into operation.
April 30. Washington inaugurated first President.
1790.First census. Population 3,929,214.
1791.Vermont admitted to the Union. St. Clair defeated by the Indians
1792.Kentucky admitted to the Union.
1793.Thomas Jefferson founds Republican (Democratic) party.
1794.Wayne defeats the Indians in Battle of Fallen Timbers.
1795.Jay's treaty ratified.
1796.Tennessee admitted to the Union.
1797.John Adams inaugurated President.
1798.Alien and sedition laws enacted. Navy department established.
1798-1799.Kentucky and Virginia resolutions.
1798-1800.Serious trouble with France.
1799.December 14. Washington dies at Mt. Vernon.
1800.Overthrow of the Federal party.
Capital removed to Washington, D.C.
1801.Jefferson becomes President.
1802.Ohio joins the Union.
1801-1805.War with the Barbary States, North Africa.
1803.Purchase of Lonisiana.
1804.Burr kills Hamilton in a duel.
1805-1807.Lewis and Clarke expedition.
1806-1807.Burr's conspiracy, trial, and acquittal.
1807.Fulton succeeds with the steamboat.
June 22. The Leopard fires on the Chesapeake.
December. Jefferson's embargo enacted.
1808.Prohibition of the foreign slave trade.
1809.James Madison inaugurated President.
1811.November 7. Battle of Tippecanoe.
1812.June 18. War declared against England.
August 16. Hull surrenders Detroit.
August 19. The Constitution defeats the Guerriere.
October 13. Battle of Queenstown Heights.
1813.September 10. Perry's victory on Lake Erie.
October 5. Battle of the Thames.
November 9. Battle of Talladega.
1814.July 25. Battle of Lundy's Lane.
August 25. The British capture Washington.
September 11. Battle at Plattsburg and defeat of the British on Lake Champlain.
December. Hartford Convention.
December 24. Treaty of Ghent.
1815.January 8. Battle of New Orleans.
America secures indemnity and treaties from Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli.
1816.Indiana admitted to the Union. Admission of Mississippi, 1817; of Illinois, 1818; of Alabama, 1819; of Maine, 1820; of Missouri, 1821.
1817.James Monroe becomes President.
1818.War with the Seminole Indians.
1819.Purchase of Florida from Spain.
First steamship, the Savannah, crosses the Atlantic.
1820.The Missouri Compromise.
1823.December 2. Monroe Doctrine promulgated.
1825.Inauguration of John Quincy Adams. Opening of the Erie Canal.
June 17. Lafayette lays corner stone of Bunker Hill Monument.
1826.July 4. Death of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.
Panama Congress.
1828.Building of the first passenger railway begun at Baltimore.
1829.Andrew Jackson becomes President.
1830.Fifth census. Population 12,566,020.
1832.November 19. Nullification by South Carolina. Jackson vetoes bank charter. Black Hawk War.
1833.Jackson removes bank deposits. Compromise tariff adopted.
1836.April 21. Battle of San Jacinto.
Wilkes's Antarctic expedition.
Admission of Arkansas.
1837.Inauguration of Van Buren.
Patent of the telegraph by Morse.
Great panic. Admission of Michigan. Burning of the Caroline.
1841.March 4. William Henry Harrison inaugurated President; dies April 4, and John Tyler becomes President.
Howe invents the sewing machine.
1844.First telegraph line in America, between Baltimore and Washington.
1845.James K. Polk becomes President. Florida and Texas admitted into the Union. Death of Andrew Jackson. 1846.Beginning of the Mexican War. Fight at Palo Alto.
Admission of Iowa. Walker tariff enacted. Wilmot Proviso introduced in Congress.
1847.February 23.Battle of Buena Vista.
March 29. Capture of Vera Cruz by General Scott.
Conquest of California.
September. Fall of the City of Mexico.
1848.February. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.
Discovery of gold in California.
Wisconsin enters the Union.
1849.Zachary Taylor inaugurated President. 1850.Admission of California. Death of Calhoun.
July 9. Death of President Taylor. Millard Fillmore President.
Clay Compromise enacted.
Census shows population of 23,191,876.
1852.Death of Clay and Webster.
1853.Inauguration of Franklin Pierce.
1854.May. Kansas-Nebraska bill enacted.
1854.Commercial treaty with Japan.
1857.Inauguration of Buchanmi.
March 6. Dred Scott decision.
1858.Admission of Minnesota.
First Atlantic cable laid.
Lincoln-Douglas debates.
September 18. Mountain Meadow Massacre, Utah.
1859.Admission of Oregon.
John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry.
1860.Population 31,443,321.

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